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My 2012 teaching self says, that sounds right. My 2000 teaching self says, hot. I wearing spaghetti straps and some flip flops! I wore jeans every day to work in my first teaching placement. If we compare the 16.4 million unit projection to historical data (shown above), it is easy to see that 16.4 million units is a very realistic, if not conservative, estimate. This means that without increasing market share in the slightest, Ford could see unit volume growth in excess of 5%. Because of the lackluster sales from 2008 2012, I think the US can sustain sales in excess of 16 million units for at least the next two years..

When documents containing bar code symbols are faxed, the quality of the bar code symbol will degrade. Documents scanned by fax machines in Standard Resolution are sampled with 204 horizontal dots per inch and 98 vertical dots per inch. Each sample point is then converted to either a white or black value (a process known as binarization).

Since it wasn't known exactly where Cooper jumped out, the exact speed of the plane, or what precise environmental variances might have been encountered, the search for Cooper was largely a matter of guesswork. It was thought that he most likely jumped at 8:13 pm into a dense forest in a freezing rainstorm, at temperatures of 7 below zero and a wind chill factor of minus 70. He had no food or survival gear.

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