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For example if I am earning, I am not earning for myself but for both of us. If she is working to keep herself engaged and that gives her a mental satisfaction, then that satisfaction not only benefits her but it also benefits me, in fact it benefits both of us as an unit. If she is disturbed I will be disturbed too.

DIN regulators can be designed to withstand higher pressures than yoke regulators. It is possible to knock a yoke regulator off the tank if the tank is dropped or struck (not an ideal situation). This is nearly impossible to do with a DIN regulator.

People who are engaged in purposeful activity often have a certain "look" about them. They carry themselves as if the cause they have is more important than any awareness that they might be being watched. However, parks and drainpipes are not normally the place of purposeful activity on a Sunday afternoon.

Bluegrass, Larger, and Striped are more of a problem because they will cause most of their damage during the summer as they finish their feeding late in the spring in late May to early June. Once feeding completes, they will burrow deep into the thatch or soil to begin the pupal stage. After a couple weeks, an adult moth will emerge at night from the cocoon, mate, and begin to lay eggs.

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