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Why not just call yourself a seasonal heartbreaker? No wonder it's hard for you to meet ladies outside your own circle. The fact that your presence has a shelf life is intimidating to most single gals. Not that your temporary Alaska residency means you should sign on to celibacy or solitude, but the fact that you're only here for a season can amount to complications.

On the net seems to give insight only about the worst case scenarios. It is great to have a doc. That just "wants to be sure all is well". Results 115 (52%, 95% confidence interval 46% to 59%) carers reported some abusive behaviour and 74 (34%, 27% to 40%) reported important levels of abuse. Verbal abuse was most commonly reported. Only three (1.4%) carers reported occasional physical abuse.Conclusions Abusive behaviour by family carers towards people with dementia is common, with a third reporting important levels of abuse and half some abusive behaviour.

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