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During his tenure, Mann published twelve annual reports on aspects of his work and programs, and the integral relationship between education, freedom, and Republican government. Proclaiming "social harmony" to be his primary goal of the school system, he wanted schools that would be available and equal for all, part of the birth right of every American child, and to be for rich and poor alike. The "great equalizer" would help poverty disappear as a broadened general intelligence tapped new treasures of natural and material wealth.

Asking instead of telling is a fundamental behavior that differentiates the most successful leaders from those that can't seem to advance beyond a certain level. The strongest leaders are those who don't respond to queries from their staff right off the bat that is, they don't choose Option A or B and then send the employee away to implement the plan. Instead, they ask powerful questions that get team members to stop, reflect, grow, and challenge themselves..

If you have a national builder like Ryan Homes and you see one of their models, that's what a house has to look like. It's not going to be the perfect house ever, but if you can get it neutralized and have it looking clean, that'll help. You one hundred times more likely to find a pearl in an oyster than contract vibriosis, a rare but dangerous bacterial infection, from eating one raw. But this summer, the number of reported cases in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Washington state has doubled from previous years, with lab tests confirming 113 instances of the food borne illness. Important beds in Virginia, New York and Jersey were shuttered as well.

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