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I came across drugs alot in school, at surprisingly young ages. Although it seems shocking to a parent to teach such a young child about drugs, it's totally necessary. The drug dealer doesn't care that your baby is 6 or 7 years old. To make your own tutu, you will need to use a durable material for the waist, such as an elastic waistband or a thick, strong ribbon. Make sure it is wide and strong enough to hold onto your little one's waist when she is moving around. You can secure the ribbon or elastic waistband using a hot glue gun and a knotted bow.

Drinking the grassy concoction daily possibly puts one on the health track and optimal results appear pretty fast. It percolates oxygen to the cells and stimulates digestion. It restores health by cleansing the intestines, drawing out an accumulation of toxins.

They keep referring to this place as a 'dive bar.' It once was, but they rehabbed the joint into an appallingly garish echo of the other mindless joints on Lincoln Ave. Their hours are erratic at best, service crappy, booze stock is horrible, and the place is just downright depressing which is why on a Friday night people are lined up at the other dumps and this hole stands empty as the 'bartender' stares blankly at the useless televisions blinking from a neck breaking height. The finally gave up opening for college football Saturdays, since everyone was in one of the other creep joints..

For further information contact The Festival Team on 07803 570399 or email