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Some of the letter sounds are not expected until they start school even. It is a little odd that your LO won't even try to pronounce the word, though. My ds has no problem saying it, he just doesn't say it right, but it doesn't seem to phase him a bit.

I think that in order to overcome your past troubles is to accept it as a process and let go. Life is too short to hold grudges. Live, Laugh and Love. Just be sure if you choose the webbing, that you do not try to "hem" too mush extra fabric up under the leg. If you need to, cut the pant legs or the length of the costume so that you only fold over one to two inches under the garment. If you try to "hem" too much under, the webbing will not hold and your child will have his costume coming un hemmed while he is walking and could have a bad fall, by tripping over the excess coming out of the "hem".

Even if you've got a garage full of the best woodworking equipment around, handling a stiff or inflexible wood board can be a challenge you'll want to avoid. It all depends of course on what you're making. A chair, sofa, or entertainment center will obviously have far different requirements of its wood than will a model airplane.

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