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Guavas are especially useful as a natural cure for colon, prostate and other cancers. Lycopene is quite high in guavas and has been shown to decrease prostate cancer risk by up to 45%. Because of guava's ability to cleanse the system, it prevents colon cancer.

An Owner's Story Katrina Tet has owned her Green 2001 Odyssey EX since it was new. Nicknamed "Lilly" by her three children or "The Mama Mobile" by her husband, Katrina has nothing but kind things to say about her Odyssey. Understandable given she has 118,000 miles on it and has yet to have any mechanical problems besides a burned out digital clock and a CD player that malfunctioned after one of her kids fed it pennies.

The condition of the global supply of the wine industry appears to be improving. The market performance is forecasted to accelerate over the next four years. The demand for wine is also expected to shift to from the current largest wine consumers such as US, Italy, Brazil to the markets of developing countries.

We'll be posting video clips of the news conference separately, and we hope to show show the whole thing. Of Law inquiry that some of you have begun to cover. I've called you here today to announce the release of materials from an inquiry conducted by our Alaska Department of Law on the changeout of former Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan, and the allegations that that changeout involved the commissioner's refusal to fire state trooper Mike Wooten, who is my former brother in law..

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