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VAG 'controls' all the motoringpress in Europe, quite impressive how they have established this, to be honest.Yes, Toyota, Mazda and Honda are the best choice when you want a reliable car, by far the best choice.Utter crap this statistic, in Europe you see 15 20 year old (and even older) german cars on the roads on a daily basis but not many japanese, french or italian cars since they have by then long disintegrated into dust. Many people I know drive all sorts of german cars with far more than 200K on the clock without any engine problems at all. I myself am the first owner of a 2005 BMW 120d with 203K to date and not only have I not had one breakdown ever, the car did never need any service other than regular maintenance and besides, go and have your japanese car fixed by a licensed dealer, that's when you realize you are paying premium for a not so premium car.To all the fools who think it's great to become personal, go ahead and flame me!Had the same with a 330d and BMW left me out in the cold when it happened.

Even so, engine oil stop leak won't hurt your engine at all, and may in fact keep your seals alive longer. So just in case, it's not a bad idea to use. As cars age, mechanics generally recommend a stickier form of motor oil anyway, something more viscous.

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