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The time of year makes a great deal of difference as well. Summer and mid winter are the peak travel seasons, but those who are looking for resort deals along the Mediterranean shores or for ski resorts in the Alps might consider late spring or early autumn. Here retirees have a distinct advantage planning for travel in Europe, or any kind of travel for that matter, since they can be more flexible..

Find your Yanni CD. You may have hidden it from your friends or your girlfriend in an effort to convince them that you truly are masculine. Apply some toothpaste, and rub it with your finger or a clean cloth. Find out the ideal conditions for your Renaissance Soul to be happy. For example, I have a client who learned recently that her Renaissance Soul is happiest immersing herself in one project until completion, but only if that project has an end date no more than 3 months in the future she knows in advance the next project to switch to. Because of those quarterly goals, she knows she'll complete 4 projects every year, which is a high ( motivating/exciting!) number for her.

If a thought pops into your head, simply press together your fire fingers (middle fingers) to gently bring your awareness back to Gassho. Reiki is already flowing, let it go where it will. Let Gassho align your body, mind, and soul to receive Reiki.

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