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The primary ethical principles that apply to accountants are integrity, objectivity, independence, and competence. Obviously, it would be foolish to trust an accountant who does not possess these basic qualities. Competence is another obvious necessity in any profession.

(b ?Exeter, c.1708; d London, 2 Feb. 1776). English painter and book illustrator. Witnesses and news reports said several homemade bombs exploded during the beginning of the shutdown. RTV and Bangla Vision stations reported explosions in parts of Dhaka. It was not clear if there were any injuries.

Sit in front of the television and watch it for about 20 seconds. After 20 seconds hit the mute button; it's not as enjoyable, is it? That is what it is like for a guy having sex with a quiet girl. Moan and scream into a pillow if you don't want to wake the neighbors.

I find myself compelled to write this part 2 of my earlier article with several goals in mind. First, I intend to establish that the historical references in the original article are entirely correct. Second, I intend to prove that the fundamental purpose (not being achieved) of the futures market regulatory scheme is NOT to facilitate buying and selling on futures markets, but, rather to tie prices on those markets to real world supply and demand (also not being achieved).

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