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Canada has the third largest oil reserves in the world. Currently Canada produces about 3.2 million barrels of oil per day which is anticipated to grow to 3.9 mbpd in 2018 and 6.7 mbpd by 2030. Naturally the Canadians are anxious to increase the transportation of the Alberta oil to market but do not expect approval for Keystone in the near future..

This evidence suggests that women were surfing long before the 20th century, but if they were then accused of witchcraft for doing this and murdered, like the Witch of Newbury, no doubt they would be discouraged. Knowledge of this, like the true history of mermaids, was written out of history, so now, all the evidence we have of this practice is the strange story of the Witch of Newbury. There are no records of mermaids surfing on the coast, but as female breath holding divers were also written out of history, this might well have happened..

Alas, it was not there, and we left with a stomach full of whipped cream. So glad we didn pay full price (used deal voucher) for this, would have cried at the value. I already forwarded your feedback to our executive and head chef and they are looking at the open chicken sandwich moving forward as we change our menu in the next couple of weeks.

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