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There is no way I could keep my son home full time while I worked. I've had to do it enough this winter due to weather related closings at school to know that it would be torture for both of us. He learns an obscene amount at school, I would definitely be short changing him by trying to occupy him while I get my work done..

It is much better to provide an income rather than a lump sum. Income can be paid in many different ways. There are many options.. : Chocolate Orange and/or Rum Truffles for Christmas! As promised here is my family Christmas truffle recipe. When I was making these this weekend I decided to make Chocolate orange ones. (ooo errr matron!) I think no more than a diamiter of a 2 coin or 2p piece.See this REALLY annoys me, when someone makes something for you to CONSUME and they don't bother to wash their hands before hand.

In addition to being a precursor of prejudice in action, social categorization also appears to be cognitively necessary. Categorization is an efficient, useful way to recognize people, both for day to day convenience and in life and death situations when quick judgments need to be made about how to act. The mere practice of categorization will cause people to favor their own group.

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