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1. Starting price too high. Nobody wants to pay too much for an item they are bidding on. The Federal Reserve's Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review ("CCAR") process focuses on three specific scenarios provided by the Federal Reserve. In this section of our weekly commentary, we start with the forward curve for the current date, which we explain below in our implied forecast. In this section of the report we use Monte Carlo simulation in the Heath Jarrow and Morton framework using Kamakura Risk Manager.

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Zergling upgrades can be found in the Spawning pool. The first is the Metabolic Boost upgrade also known as Zergling Speed. While relatively fast on its own, Metabolic Boost gives the Zergling wings increasing its speed exponentially. I continue to hold to my longstanding analogy that the overwrought finales to the precious metals boom into 2011, and the histrionic AAPL boom into 2012 and even 2013, each sucked in too many newbies who did not understand the assets and why they had been so attractive for so many consecutive years. That phenomenon, which also involved experienced hands stepping aside when the public was drawn in to create a spike top, has been seen many times. It does not matter if the asset is a tech company, a commodity, a currency, etc.

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