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Todd, the initial quote will be accurate if you have no marks on your DMV record. If you do have DMV issues that have to be factored into your quote, you can enter them (again anonymously) in the left sidebar on the results page and customize your quote. My understanding is that it would be against the ethos of the company to pull MVR records, both in terms of privacy and of efficiency.

A bumps into B at the post office where B has just received a package from his girlfriend back home. A notices the stamp on the package and enquires about the picture of a museum on it. After B has explained all he knows about the national museum, A asks B about his country's other tourist attractions..

Plastic tile bases may be made of many combinations of plastic including polypropylene, polyethylene or other plastic materials. Whilst different manufacturers have their particular reason for choosing a specific plastic compound, the main considerations you should be aware of are the brittleness of the plastic, the low temperature characteristics (if you happen to live in a very cold area), and the UV stability of the plastic used. The latter point is extremely important as unless a plastic product used in exterior conditions contains a UV stabiliser, it can degrade very quickly..

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