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Ortega also performed well with a 3.9% increase. Mrs. Dash, unfortunately, saw a 5.1% decline in sales due to club rotations that did not repeat. Thank you, Andrew. Good morning, and thanks for joining us. Joining me today are Terry Spencer, our President and CEO designee for ONEOK and ONEOK Partners; Derek Reiners, our Chief Financial Officer; Pierce Norton, Executive Vice President, Commercial, and President CEO designee for ONE Gas; and Curtis Dinan, CFO designee for ONE Gas.

Do yourself a favor and buy one right away. Amazon sells plenty of Kindle Fire case covers in a number of attractive colors. Sure, some can be a little expensive, but it is much more money to replace your Kindle Fire if you carry it everywhere and it gets smashed or scratched without a cover.

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The actual injector spray times and injector timing are managed so that the the best air to fuel mixture is provided to the engine in order to correspond to the continually changing engine operating conditions. A single injector is strategically mounted in the intake port of each cylinder. Petrol is delivered under pressure (around 55 psi) coming from the fuel tank to the particular fuel injectors by the fuel pump motor, with the actual pressure being regulated by the fuel pressure regulator.

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